Reasons for selling over the Internet

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In 2006 the main reason argued by companies for selling over the Internet was to put themselves on a par with their competitors. Therefore the main reason changed compared to the previous year; in 2005 the main reason was to project a good image. Both reasons can be included in a more general block which is reasons related with company’s presence in the market.

The second block is reasons related to business progress (customer acquisition, acceleration of the business process, geographical expansion of markets).

The third block includes reasons related to internal business processes: cost reduction and improved service quality.


Ficha técnica
National Statistics Institute (INE) of Spain
Survey on Information and Communication Technologies usage and e-commerce in companies January 2007 (October 2007)

Declaration of the most important reasons for companies to sell over the Internet. Companies are given a list of common reasons, out of which they must select those they consider more important.


Postal survey on the development of the Information Society in Spanish companies, of a sample of 20,820 companies. Study of more than 100 indicators, referring to companies with more than 10 employees.