Barriers to B2B development

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Lack of knowledge of electronic media and lack of demand of the service by customers/providers were the main barriers to B2B development. Barriers to B2B e-commerce development were more related to lack of knowledge than to lack of demand in the market caused, for example, by the fact that the products or services were not marketable via the Internet, or because the sector did not see the need to develop this kind of solution for business.

Security is a relevant issue for those who were aware of e-commerce possibilities, who thought that could be a barrier to future B2B development.

Data from the INE

Data that the National Statistics Institute presents in its Annual Survey on ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) usage and e-commerce in companies with more than 10 employees (Data from 2003, presented in November 2004), about the Barriers to B2B e-commerce development from the perspective of companies that purchase over the Internet and companies that do not:


The lack of appropriate products to be sold via Internet was the first cause of the rift with e-commerce among those companies that did not sell via e-commerce, together with the lack of certainty for not having a rule that covered all the transactions in e-commerce. On the contrary, companies that sold via e-commerce gave more importance to management and procedural elements (legal coverage of actions and, specially, payment security). This shortages produced both lack of trust in the sector and limited implementation.

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Spanish Association of Electronic Commerce (AECE)
Study on the application of B2B electronic commerce in Spanish SMEs. CICERON Project (September 2003)

Main difficulties encountered by companies to develop B2B.


Survey on B2B development in SMEs (up to 19 employees), designed by AECE. The survey was made to 1,867 companies in the period July-August 2003.