Creation of trust in Electronic Commerce

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The means most used by companies to increase trust in e-commerce transactions was establishing clear services and regulations to process claims made by customers who had purchased products and services on the web, something that could be called “an improvement of customer care service quality”.

Companies were gradually adopting new measures to improve trust in e-commerce, such as implementing codes of conduct, as well as quality seals for their e-commerce transactions, in order to define clear rules for selling over the Internet (information, payment methods, advertising, prices, promotions, etc.).

Quality seals and implementation of codes of conduct were measures that increased slightly among companies. On the contrary, there was a reduction in the number of companies that used alternative mechanisms for conflict resolution and claim services. This is something negative, because there is a need of creating an environment of trust, using all possible options to increase consumers’ willingness to buy over the Internet.

Ficha técnica
National Statistics Institute (INE) of Spain
Survey on Information and Communication Technologies usage and e-commerce in companies (November 2004)

Evaluation of the processes of creation of trust in the Internet and development of mechanisms to create trust in order to increase future e-commerce transactions between companies and individuals.


Postal survey on the development of the Information Society in Spanish companies, of a sample of 15,275 companies. Study of 113 indicators, referring to companies with more than 10 employees.