Companies that use the Internet to train their employees

Gráfica del indicador
Gráfica del indicador

In January 2011, 42.9 % of companies with Internet access used these means to train their employees.

With regard to the evolution of the use of the Internet for training purposes, after the fall experienced in 2006, last years have shown an increase, reaching at the beginning of 2010 the figure of 42.9%, 2.9 percentage points more than the previous year.

Companies with 250 or more employees are the ones that used this resource the most, with a percentage of 75.1%, followed by medium-sized companies with 59.1%.

Training via e-learning applications is becoming increasingly important, since it offers companies the possibility to train their employees without time or space limitations. E-learning can be incorporated as another working and consultation tool for employees in their daily tasks, saving time and costs, and making it easier for employees.

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National Statistics Institute (INE) of Spain
Survey on the Use of Information and Communication Technologies and Electronic Commerce in Companies (June 21st, 2011.)

Companies that carry out training activities for their employees online (e-learning).

Jan 2005- Jan 2011

Postal survey on the development of the Information Society in Spanish companies, of a sample of 29,790 companies: 17,561 companies with 10 or more employees and 12,229 companies with less than 10 employees. It corresponds to an eEurope 2005 (complimentary statistical) indicator.