Companies that have purchased/sold through marketplaces

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Gráfica del indicador


From the survey results, we observe that companies significantly purchased through specialised markets over the Internet.In 2005, 30.82% of the companies purchased products in these markets. Parallel, 19.12% of the companies sold in markets specialised in electronic business activities.

The size of the company does not seem to be a determinant variable to explain what companies purchased o sold more in marketplaces. The percentage of medium sized companies that sold in specialised markets (19.9%) is greater than that of large companies (19.7%). In the case of purchases in marketplaces, the percentage of large companies is higher than that of medium sized companies, which is higher than that of small companies.



In the behavioural analysis of companies that sold on the Internet, the size of the company does not seem to be a determinant variable to explain what companies used marketplaces the most. 19% of all companies used this channel to sell.

With regard to purchases, companies with more than 250 employees are the ones that used marketplaces the most, 35.05% of them, followed by companies with 50 to 249 employees (32.33%) and companies with 10 to 49 employees (30.36%).

Ficha técnica
National Statistics Institute (INE) of Spain
Survey on Information and Communication Technologies usage and e-commerce in companies 2005 (November 2006)

Analysis of marketplace implementation, studying the percentage of companies that make e-commerce transactions in specialised electronic markets.


Postal survey on the development of the Information Society in Spanish companies, of a sample of 15,438 companies. Study of more than 100 indicators, referring to companies with more than 10 employees. It corresponds to an eEurope 2005 (complimentary statistical) indicator.