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According to the last data available, there is an increase in the number of individuals who use the Internet frequently. The growing awareness among European Internet users of the advantages associated with using the web in their daily activities leads to a more frequent use of the Internet. In 2010, in Spain, 44% of the population were frequent users of the Internet, 26 percentage points more than in 2004. At the European level, the same upward trend in the use of the Internet is observed. Particularly, the percentage of individuals who used the Internet frequently was 23% in 2004, while in 2010 this percentage was 53%. Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands stand out with values of 76%. At the other extreme, there are countries like Romania and Greece that, with values of 21% and 31% respectively, are far behind the European average.


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Eurostat ‘Information Society Statistics’

Number of individuals, expressed as a percentage of the total, who frequently (everyday or almost everyday) access the Internet by means of any equipment or access technology.


Last Update: February 2011


Data provided to Eurostat by the competent authorities of the Member States (Eurostat: Statistical Office of the European Communities responsible for providing the European Union with statistical information at European level and promoting the harmonisation of statistical methods across the Member States)