Final consumers' reasons for buying on the Internet

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The main reason for buying online is the offers and the price of the products and services that are offered on the Internet (65.4%). Convenience (58%) and ease of comparing (38.3%) also play an important role in online purchases. 
Finally, another reason that has contributed to the promotion of e-commerce is that sometimes the Internet becomes the only channel to buy some products (23%).
Recommendations/prescriptions play also an increasingly important role in this: 11.7% of the purchasers recognise buying on the Internet because somebody recommended it to them.
Only 6.9% of Internet users say that they bought online “to try it”. This low percentage is due to the high specialisation of online purchases made by Internet users.


Ficha técnica
National Observatory for Telecommunications and the Information Society (ONTSI)
Study of B2C Electronic Commerce 2010 (October 2010)

Main reasons why final consumers decided to buy on the Internet in the last year.


Postal survey to 2,675 individuals on Internet availability and e-commerce use. 
Sample extracted from an ICT panel by, which is representative of Spanish households. Specifically, the individuals belonging to the panel declared, via a postal survey sent to households in September 2009, that they had used the Internet on one or more occasions.