Broadband lines by contracted speed

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Lines with a rated speed of 3 Mbps or more represented 85% of the total of broadband lines in Spain in 2010. Out of these, those with a rated speed of 4 Mbps or more represented over 60%, and Telefónica's 6 Mbps lines reached an important percentage too.

Lines with a rated speed of 4 to 10 Mbps represented almost 36.4% of Telefónica's total, compared to 40.5% in 2009. The decrease observed in the number of lines is the result of an upward trend, already observed in other years, in users who sign up for lines with rated speed of 10 Mbps.

Also worth noting is the increase of cable operators that ended 2010 with 31.7% of their lines having a capacity above 10 Mbps. As for lines with rated speed of over 20 Mbps, the percentage for Spain is 1.6%.

Ficha técnica
Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT)
Annual report 2010 (July 2011)

Percentage of broadband lines by contracted speed.


Data provided by operators in response to an information requirement by the CMT. This requirement was made to all the relevant operators who had informed about their start of activities. These are non audited data.