Operator's market share by total revenue from the telephone service

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Gráfica del indicador

In 2010, the total revenue obtained in the retail market of mobile telephony services reached almost €14,024 million. In the last year, there was a significant drop of almost 3% caused by both voice traffic and messaging services.

In 2010, Movistar was the operator with the greater market share for final service revenues with 47%, followed by Vodafone with 30.4% and Orange with 17.6%. These values changed slightly, compared to those of the previous year (Movistar dropped 1 percentage point and Vodafone 1.5, while Orange grew by 0.5 percentage points).

Yoigo and virtual mobile operators showed a very little market share, with only 4.9% of the total revenue from mobile telephony. Yoigo was the operator that increased its market share the most, going from 1.4% to 2.4%.

The evolution of the market share for final service revenues in mobile telephony is shown in the graph.


Ficha técnica
Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT)
Annual report 2010 (July 2011)

It includes revenues from final services and interconnection services.


Data provided by operators in response to an information requirement by the CMT. This requirement was made to all the relevant operators who had informed about their start of activities. These are non audited data.