Individuals who have used the Internet in the last month

Gráfica del indicador

The number of frequent users (those who accessed the Internet in the last month) already exceeds 20 million, with 22,726,000 individuals in the period October-November 2011, which equals a relative increase of 0.3% compared to the previous period (April-May 2011).
Therefore, with more than 22.7 million Internet users, the percentage of individuals that used the Internet in Spain sites at 57.6%.

Ficha técnica
Spanish Association for Media Research (AIMC)
General Media Study (Estudio General de Medios, EGM)
Quarterly (except third quarter of the year)

Number of individuals, expressed as a percentage of the total population or in thousands (‘000), who have accessed the Internet in the last month, by means of any equipment or access technology and from anywhere (both at home and outside).

1996 – October/November 2011

Study based on personal interviews, with a global sample of 30,503 interviews in the last three waves and 10,156 in the last wave. It refers to Spanish population aged 14 and over (39,485,000 individuals). It relates to the eEurope 2005 Action Plan policy indicator: “percentage of individuals regularly using the Internet".