Problems with online purchases

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Of Internet purchasers, 4.6% had problems with their electronic shopping during the last two years (2008 and 2009).Problems with online purchases were generalised among all groups in the study. However, those over 65 and those living in capital cities have more problems with their online shopping than other groups.


The main problem observed was a delay in order delivery, with almost four in ten purchasers (39.6%) experiencing this type of situation.

Payment problems (end price different to that established or payment problems), despite being the main reason for purchasers not buying, had a light weight among all problems: only 28.7% of the purchasers had this problem.

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National Observatory for Telecommunications and the Information Society (ONTSI)
Study of B2C Electronic Commerce 2010 (October 2010)

Percentage of Internet users who purchase over the Internet and had problems with the purchase.

2008 - 2009


Postal survey to 2,675 individuals on Internet availability and e-commerce use.

Sample extracted from an ICT panel by, which is representative of Spanish households.

Specifically, the individuals belonging to the panel declared, via a postal survey sent to households in September 2009, that they had used the Internet on one or more occasions.